Workshop ‘How to apply for a job in Dutch’

Are you looking for work in the Netherlands and do you want to have as many opportunities as possible? And do you want to improve and practice your Business Dutch, for example because:

– You feel you have more opportunities when you speak Dutch, it increases your chances: many companies consider speaking Dutch a plus
– You don’t want (professional) conversations to pass you by
– You don’t want to feel apart
– In order to get a job via an Employment Agency, you have experienced you need to speak Dutch: they often only address you in Dutch
– You cannot easily bring across your message when speaking in Dutch
– You feel you operate at a lower level of professionalism in Dutch
– Although you attended several courses, you still feel uncertain about your Dutch

Then sign up for the Workshop ‘How to apply for a job in Dutch’.

During the application process, all crucial aspects of your professional environment are discussed (both oral and written) extensively such as knowledge, technical jargon, mutual expectations, agreements, qualities and characteristics. Aspects that you will discuss on a daily basis when at work. In order to be perfectly prepared for the Dutch working environment, learning how to apply for a job in Dutch, is a great first step. Even though English is widely spoken in the Netherlands – in particular in a business environment, many internationals residing here want to learn the Dutch business language.

During the interactive workshop ‘How to apply for a job in Dutch’ we will focus both on the language used in the application process as well as the application process itself. The following questions (and what this means for you in particular) will be covered:
– What is the meaning of all the terms and expressions used in Dutch Job Ads?
– How to write a perfect cover letter in Dutch?
– How to hold a successful job interview in Dutch? What is important?
– What are the do’s and don’ts during the application process in the Netherlands?

This workshop is aimed at all internationals (active or not yet active in the Dutch labour market, such as expats, partners of expats, international graduates) who want to learn how to apply for a job in Dutch and/or improve their Business Dutch. The workshop will be held in Dutch. In order to make this workshop effective for you, knowledge of Dutch at B1/B2-level is advised.



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EUR 75,- (incl. VAT).

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